4-Way Mental Communication

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Audio CD


It’s like having a secret window directly into a person’s brain! No more wondering, “Is she saying what I think she is saying?” After listening to “4-Way Mental Communication”, you will be able to discern whether this person thinks about the world in terms of the physical (actions), emotional (feelings), mental (ideas) or spiritual (beliefs).

For example, emotional thinkers are just using all their words in an attempt to get you to hear how they feel…even if they don’t come out and say that. You could listen to every word they say and think you’ve gotten what they mean, but never really have true communication happen…because the subject was the feeling, not the words. No wonder we misunderstand each other!

By practicing this innovative technique, you can master all four mental “languages” and avoid communication breakdowns.

Experience a true connection with others like never before. Making sure there is no misunderstanding is important, but what if you could go beyond just talking to others and make a heart-to-heart connection each time? You can!

Using this system, you will go beyond just exchanging information, begin to experience a real connection with others, and tear down the walls of separation with each interaction. Your world will open up to include an acceptance of yourself and others beyond any you have ever known. Judgment will become a thing of the past.

You will also learn Emotional Sharing (different from just talking about feelings). Express your feelings for the purpose of cleansing and movement instead of getting stuck in them. Not only will your communication improve, but your personal progress will be supercharged.

If you have ever felt unheard or as if you just can’t get through to someone, the teachings that Jackie brings in this CD will be an invaluable tool.

***** 4-Way Mental Communication

“Before listening to this CD, I thought everything I said was in plain English – and that people should understand me. Now I know that’s not true! I’ve often felt stressed when people give me too many details around a subject. Turns out my style of communication isn’t about details – it’s about feelings. Who knew! Being able to practice the methods in this CD has been such a reward. I not only speak with more awareness, I also listen differently, applying Jackie’s examples.” Teresa M.