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In Abundance, Jackie Woods reveals all the mechanics you need to restore proper flow in your life! As she so eloquently puts it, “Abundance is simply a healthy Giving and Receiving cycle.” You can return this healthy flow of abundance to your life by learning the universal laws of resonance and how they apply to everyday issues such as debt, picking jobs, how to spend, where to spend, and how your choices affect the magnetic energy field from which you create your money.
You can’t continue going backwards (into the red) and expect that it will someday turn into going forward. Find out the simple steps necessary to get back on track! Listen in as Jackie discusses balance, honor, and many other topics, then learn how they can affect your flow.

Gain an understanding of the proper direction of Flow – not in and up like a vacuum cleaner, but down from the crown and out into the world – and master the tools that will help you achieve it.

Aspects of how monetary and energetic flow are created and, how they can become blocked are examined. Discover the role of Karma in on-going money problems. Learn how to put your money in bigger Energetic Spaces to create “more bang for the buck.” Sound mysterious and difficult? It’s not! By the end of this CD, you will understand things that most people never grasp in a lifetime of struggling with money. Did you know if you spend your money within a definition that matches who you are, you empower who you are by as much as the size of that space? Turn a mind-boggling statement like that into something you know and use everyday!

Go from having “money problems” to looking at every flow issue as a chance to supercharge the essence of your being! It’s all within your reach for the price of this CD.

***** Abundance

“After listening to this CD by Jackie Woods, abundance has changed for me. I see now that it isn’t about having more money or more of anything. Instead, abundance is about loving life in its fullness in each moment. Abundance has helped me be more receptive and appreciative of the people and things in my life. I now have flow with life and a feeling of true contentment!” – Rachel W.