Anger Management

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Audio CD


  • Yes, anger has a purpose! Learn to see anger as a doorway to your inner essence, and then watch as it transforms from a ‘bad” thing into a useful tool for your personal growth. “Anger Management” by Jackie Woods reveals why you feel anger, how it is expressed, and how to deal with anger in yourself and others.
  • Discover the revolutionary concept of “owning your anger.” Stop dumping your anger all over the place. OWN IT and let it show you what you are missing or repressing. See how your anger is unrelated to the “happening” or “person” that got you mad. It is really just screaming out your inner desire to express the real you in your life.
  • Express your anger in ways that won’t hurt you or the ones you love. Whether you are spewing anger or suppressing it…whether you are being a victimizer or a victim of anger…enough is enough! Learn step-by-step how to use proven techniques to channel your inner dynamic flow to deal with anger in all situations.

“Anger Management” helps you stop wondering what you can do to change, and start living a new life.

***** Anger Management

“My usual response to feeling angry is to blame the outside world and feel like a helpless victim. I learned from Anger Management that the purpose of anger is actually to tell me that something is missing inside – a part of me that needs my love and attention to grow larger and stronger.”  Kathy B.