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Take the ‘Dealing with Emotions’ Course and Learn the Real Purpose of Emotions – Yours and Your Massage Clients’!

Dealing With Emotions

12 CE hours (home-study, 100% online group forum)


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All massage therapists need technique, but how many do you need? All massage techniques work (to some extent) or they would soon disappear. In order to get rid of the pain and tension, techniques move the stuck energy in your body and energy field to one degree or another…and that usually brings up some trapped emotion. So, why fulfill your Continuing Education credits by adding another technique that will just do exactly the same thing that the ones you already know do? Better to find out what to do with that emotion that your techniques are bringing up.

That’s the idea behind this online group forum course. It unravels the mystery of what to do with emotion – your own as well as other people’s. This course spells out the real purpose of emotions and shows you proven ways to use that emotion to aid in the growth and healing process. No longer does emotion just have to be something that gets in the way. It can now be a powerful tool that turns ordinary therapy into profound change.

Best of all, you can take the course online so there is no need to travel. In fact, this is one Continuing Education course that doesn’t even use up your whole day or weekend. It can easily fit into your existing schedule without having to give up any valuable work time.

Class One
The Purpose of Emotions
Class Two
Dealing with Anger
Class Three
Dealing with Fear
Class Four
Dealing with Grief
Class Five
Tools for Clearing Emotions
Class Six
Filling the Space left by the Cleared Emotions

Note: This course consists of 6 classes conducted over a 6 week period (one class every week). Each class includes a homework assignment (awareness exercise) that lasts for 1 week. The course participant will log in to the password protected website to read the lesson material, receive the homework assignment, guided meditation (to be done daily), and several test questions to complete over the 1 week period between classes.

How it Works

Course Format

The lesson instruction, along with a homework assignment and a guided meditation, will be available for reading on the password protected Student website. Your password will also give you access to an Online Student Message Board. At the message board, you will answer discussion questions and share with other students about insights you have learned. A Course Moderator will monitor the Online Student Message Board and a Mentor will be available for additional support with the class lessons.

How It Works

  1. Place Your Order
  2. Receive Course login instructions and start date via email
  3. Read to the Course Material online and participate in the Online Student Message Board over 6 weeks
  4. Take Your Test Online
  5. Complete the Course Evaluation Online and immediately Print Your Certificate
Course Syllabus

Learning Objectives
By the completion of these sections, the learner will:

Class 1: The Purpose of Emotions

  1. Use the process of working through layers of stored emotion and clearing the space.
  2. Discover the consequences of “stuffing” unacknowledged emotions in the physical body.
  3. Understand the basic steps of filling a space with a heart quality once the emotion has been cleared.

Class 2: Dealing with Anger

  1. Examine the difference between reaction and expression.
  2. Understand the concept of “reclaiming ownership” of a need.
  3. Have the experience of expressing anger to clear the space and claiming the missing heart quality.

Class 3: Dealing with Fear

  1. Discover the concept of being defined by your fears and experiment with defining from the inside instead of outside.
  2. Review the steps for processing an emotion.
  3. Examine areas of your personal life defined around a fear and use the quality of Honesty as a support in redefining.

 Class 4: Dealing with Grief

  1. Define the difference between Grief and Sadness.
  2. Investigate how grief was dealt with in the past and contrast that to the use of the express/clear/claim a heart quality method being taught.
  3. Examine the concept that shared heart qualities can never be lost.

Class 5: Tools for Clearing Emotions

  1. Be introduced to clearing techniques for the three covered emotions specific to the way the emotion is experienced in different people.
  2. Understand the relationship between awareness and clearing as they relate to the intensity of emotion.
  3. Work with the relationship between the outside and inside worlds as they relate to the clearing process visa-vis the responsibility of others.

Class 6: Filling the Space left by Cleared Emotions

  1. Instill the concept of “life happens inside and not outside.”
  2. Examine the difference between being able to get Love through another person and having to use that avenue, rather than claiming love within.
  3. Explore the process of adjusting the method of “doing” to accommodate a newly claimed heart quality.

Learning Activities 
This course consists of 6 classes conducted over a 6 week period (one class every week). Each class includes a homework assignment (awareness exercise) that lasts for 1 week. The course participant will log in to the password protected website to read the lesson material, receive the homework assignment, guided meditation (to be done daily), and several test questions to complete over the 1 week period between classes.

To earn 12 hrs of CE credit, the participant will:

  1. Perform the homework assignment for each class and post their answers to 3 discussion questions and a final empowerment (75 word minimum each posting) for each class on an online message board to share with other course participants. A course moderator will supervise the postings and provide comments and suggestions.
  2. Complete a 250-word essay assignment for each class (1 hr for each class).
  3. Complete a final multiple-choice test on the overall subject matter with a passing score of at least 80%.
  4. Fill out a course evaluation.

A mentor will be available to support the CE student in their process with the lessons. In the event of a documented emergency where a component of the required course responses are missed, contact your mentor within 2 days for details about how to complete the responses. The completed responses must be submitted within one week in order to receive credit.

Technical Requirements

A computer with an Internet connection is required for this course.

Educational development and delivery policies are available upon request. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Instructor Qualifications
Jackie Woods is an expert in the field of personal development – with more than 25 years teaching experience. Jackie’s teachings transcend traditional forms of self-help, which often focus on “fixing” symptoms and “coping” with dysfunction. Instead, Jackie focuses on Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living – identifying and facilitating true healing and accelerated personal growth.

Author of several books and numerous recorded seminars, Jackie has written commentaries that have been published in several magazines. She is a regular guest expert on syndicated radio and has made select appearances on network and cable television. Jackie is the founder and director of Adawehi Institute.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Approval Status
Adawehi Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (Approval number 396607-00).

Some states approve any course (including online and distance learning courses) offered by NCBTMB approved providers such as AL, CN, DC, NH, NM, ND, SC, TN, and WV.  Please call your state regulatory board for further questions pertaining to content or number of distance learning/home study hours allowed.

Certificate of Achievement
The course participant must read the online text, complete a course exam with a minimum passing score of 80%, and submit a completed course evaluation. Upon satisfactory fulfillment of the course requirements, a certificate of achievement is awarded for successful completion of the course. Certificates are available online at no charge or via postal service for an additional $10 processing fee.

The final test and evaluation must be completed and the Certificate printed within 120 days from the date of purchase.

You may request a 30-day extension in the event of a documented emergency. Documentation must be submitted to the customer service manager before a certificate will be issued. The deadline to receive documentation is 120 days from the date of purchase. Contact the customer service manager at

Books and Audio Recordings
Books and audio recordings by Jackie Woods are available at the Adawehi online bookstore. Sale of all books and recorded materials benefit the Adawehi Healing Center and Adawehi Institute.

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