Fear of Loss

$ 19.95
Audio CD


Life is an illusion? Actually, just the part of it attached to getting what you need from outside of you! Furthermore, in “Fear of Loss” you’ll get to know the real difference between attachments and preferences.

  • Learn how to avoid fear-based wisdom that blocks real wisdom and keeps pulling you into emotionally charged memories.
  • Get your mind and emotions to follow your Spirit instead of having your feelings drag you out of the light and your mind keep you there.
  • Work with the truth behind such ground-breaking statements as “Your relationships are no longer real if you see them as a source of sustenance.”
  • Master the art of discerning real heart resonance instead of simply matching energetic wounds with people.
  • Heal the holes that fear has created in your aura.
  • See how Faith and Trust can work together to keep you out of thinking and feeling like a victim.
  • Try a guided exercise in which you write down your own personal roads to Love, Wisdom, and Power.

***** Fear of Loss

“Fear of Loss is a pretty big topic, but Jackie manages to summarize all of my fears into one basic principle – that anything I am afraid of losing is simply an illusion. This CD has brought me the wisdom to see all the different ways I attach to people or things that I think will give me what I want. After listening to Fear of Loss, I feel so free! I’m free to let go of what I thought I needed to survive!” Gloria W.