Keeping Structures Alive

$ 24.95
Audio CD


Using your structures to “anchor” what is valuable can make the world a better place for everyone!

Feed your structures energetic food and they will, in turn, feed you back.

We not only energetically feed our own structures, but can have them fed by the spiritual qualities other people bring, as well.

Structures that are not intended to carry your spiritual qualities drain your vitality. Ignite your vitality and powerfully create in your life!

***** Keeping Structures Alive

“Many people, myself included, view structures as unwanted, inflexible, yet necessary things forced upon them from the outside that imprisons. Now I see that instead, I get to create structures that allow me to bring myself fully into the world so that it becomes a better place for us all.

It’s quite a new and exciting thing to see structures in my life as alive and having the ability to “feed” me. Thank you, Jackie for this fantastic CD.”  – Robert B.