Living with the Intent of Health

$ 44.95
Audio CD


Focus on Health as you move through five critical areas of weight management.

Escape the trap of “eating to fill a hole” by learning how to fill empty spaces with the energy of Health. Discover the emotional connection, and learn when weight gain serves as emotional protection.

Put the power of Synergy to work for you as you discover why “doing it together” has been so successful for groups like Weight Watchers. Practice this powerful “Meta” approach that works no matter what your dietary challenges or restrictions.

Learn the ultimate tool of how to listen to your body to tell whether a restaurant or exercise routine really resonates with your gift of Health. Understand how to work with your body type and genetic starting point.

Understand the causes and cures of “looping” (making progress and then falling back into old patterns). Gain the ability to access true self-worth to replace the trap of vanity and make lasting changes.

***** Living with the Intent of Health

“This CD helped me see that health isn’t just the food I eat or the exercises I do. It’s totally possible to do all the “right” things that “look” like health, but have no actual intent of health in any of them.

I see now how to be in harmony with my body and listen to it… and respond accordingly as it changes and requires different things. Without having an intent of health, exercising and eating “right” will just be an empty set of rules that gets me nowhere.”   – Jen W.