The Physical Voice of Spirit

Audio CD


Put several “scripts” (interpreted happenings) together to make a complete picture and read your days as an unfolding story.

After you clear your reaction to the physical happening, the intensity of the feeling will remain as an indicator of how strong Spirit’s message is coming through.

Recognize when your mind has stepped out of its appropriate role…it will either ignore the physical script, or it will imprint its opinion on the reading by distorting the symbol meanings.

People are tricky symbols. Discover how to read them as the heartful “hat” they are wearing that day instead of just their baseline nature.

Resonating with people around shared physical tasks is not the same as hearing the Voice of Spirit through physical happenings. Explore the difference.

Packed with multiple examples, this CD allows you to visualize a structure (much like diagramming sentences in grammar class) that makes your script clear to you.

***** The Physical Voice of Spirit

“After listening to this CD, I’ve started to see that my view of life is limited by what I allow myself to see and experience. The more I am open to seeing with new eyes and listening to my experiences beyond the tapes that play inside my head, the richer my life becomes, the more love I feel for those around me, and the greater my connection with all of life. It is like being a part of a great ocean, rather than swimming in a bathtub; reaching for a star rather than striking a match.”  Jeanne B.