Power of Real Choice

$ 19.95
Audio CD


With this mind-bending CD at your disposal, your choices can be unlimited!

Don’t choose just among existing options. Learn to access your inner wisdom and begin to see more choices in your life. You are not limited by what you see in the world. Your mind just rearranges what it can already grasp…go beyond it. You can create outside the box.

Become fully present in the NOW…by “owning your own space” so that you can truly have free will choice. Your power to choose is somewhat illusory if you don’t work on your issues of programmed responses and emotional attachments. Stop recycling what got shoved into your unconscious! After all, what good is it to be fully present in this moment and just repeat your same reactions over and over again?

Discover how to be in the NOW, but make it one that is free of old programmed habits by learning this revolutionary technique of owning (or claiming) your space.

***** Power of Real Choice

“I’ve been known to stand back and not participate in things that I’m afraid won’t feel good to me. At the same time, Spirit has lovingly put new circumstances before me, pushing me constantly toward new challenges in order to bring me the growth that I do love. 

So there has been a pull in two directions – one to stay in the known, which is static and boring and leads nowhere. The other is to jump out into the open air of the unknown, where the Heart lives.

This CD has inspired me to move past my fear blocks and release the cluttered nest of the past to fly into the powerful, real choices of the now. Thank you, Jackie!” – Louise H.