Rediscovering Your Divinity

$ 19.95
Audio CD


You already have what you are struggling for…with “Rediscovering Your Divinity” by Jackie Woods, you’ll learn how to access it.

  • Discover a fool-proof technique for stepping out of blame.
  • Understand the trap of Duality and how to escape it.
  • Learn how to fill a space with divine Love, even when the other people involved are not actively supporting the process.
  • Uncover the importance of “acting upon Love.”
  • Let upset feelings simply be a reminder to fill your creations with divine Love.

***** Rediscovering Your Divinity

“This CD of Jackie’s is probably the one that has hit me deepest and more profoundly than any other. After listening to it, I feel differently about who I am, and my life. The CD makes it very clear that we are divine light beings, and the divinity of who we are is in all of our creations. It has reminded me that the light of God burns within me and can never burn out. All I have to do is love what I already have. It has given me permission to stop comparing my life with anyone else’s life. Everyone creates perfectly. It has washed away the temptation to blame, or be a victim. There is no place for those stances anymore. It has not only given me permission to reclaim my divinity, but allowed me to see everyone else’s divinity.” – Claire O.