Sharing Upsets

$ 19.95
Audio CD


Sharing Upsets shows you how to keep LOVE the title of the Relationship! You’ll learn how to:

  • Use upset feelings to pluck judgments, clashes in belief, and other damaging reactions out of the relationship space.
  • Learn how to use tensions in a relationship to strengthen your Love bond.
  • Understand when to share an upset with the other person and when to just deal with it in your journal.
  • Stop making the other person responsible for fixing your upset.
  • Redirect your focus from changing the other person’s upsetting patterns to focusing on strengthening your Love bonds.

***** Sharing Upsets

“I was quite impacted by what Jackie says in this CD: If I am feeling upset, I am really feeling the absence of love in that situation…and if I can feel the absence of it, I can surely feel the presence of it. That is my responsibility. Sharing my love of Spirit with people vs. just my upsets has made a world of difference in my relationships. My daughters and I have benefited greatly from this CD!” Jen W.