Soulmate or Cell Mate



A Guide to Healthy Relationships

Want help with relationships? In Soulmate or Cell Mate, Jackie Woods offers wisdom and practical tools for creating healthy, growing, soulmate relationships.

Relationship health and healing is possible by simply including your individual spiritual heart energies in a common space. Experience this concept of a “three-dimensional relationship” and you’ll find your soulmate resides there!

Dozens of relationship challenges are covered by Jackie Woods in this book, including some of the more tenuous, such as:

  • parenting your inner child,
  • how to communicate better,
  • eliminating the dark side of relationship, and
  • how to experience sacred sex.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or have given up on finding Mr./Ms. Right, Soulmate or Cell Mate gives you the tools to transform any relationship into a sacred, intimate experience that will enhance your life.

***** Soulmate or Cell Mate

“We are blessed in this work to have an author who truly knows what she is talking about. Counseling for more than 25 years, author Jackie Woods realized that society was definitely leading couples down the wrong road in their relationships. We are told that we complete each other and we must bend and sway to fit together for a working relationship often leaving us beyond frustration. Is this how it should be? Not so, according to our author!

We learn in this work that we are and should remain true to ourselves, our individuality and in doing so we only then can truly have a healthy relationship without resentments, unfulfilled visions or deep longings never spoken. She believes that coming together doesn’t have to mean leaving your own desires behind but rather by expanding on them you will enhance each other and draw closer. She shares how ‘heart energies’ impact our relationships and choices and includes a list of the same, fully explaining her meaning on this subject and how it relates to us.

She feels once we understand how this (spiritual) energy works in different areas or our lives and those of our partners we can have a much more fulfilling relationship. Very interesting work, well written with some thought provoking revelations that certainly are worth our consideration in striving to enhance any relationship.”

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review