Three Faces of Grief

$ 19.95
Audio CD


“Three Faces of Grief” contains cutting-edge teachings, mixed with real life examples. It is an invaluable, timely tool as the planetary vibration is speeding up and our attachments to what we want are being torn away.

New truths about grief that will help anyone faced with loss:

  • Grief oftentimes expresses in the form of anger, when what you want in your reality gets shattered.
  • Fear is the emotional face of grief, when you get stuck on the question, “What comes next?”
  • The final phase of grief, “the death of memories,” creates sadness.

***** Three Faces of Grief

“I had a big change in my life when my teenage son moved away to live with his father. His move left me with a deep sense of loss and intense grief. Thank goodness I found the Three Faces of Grief CD! After going through this experience with my child and the support of this CD, I am not so afraid of loss anymore. I now know how to give my grief a voice to be felt and released. Grief can be a healing experience!”  Cathy M.