A Toolbox for Personal Growth

Audio CD


This conversation with Jackie Woods answers the question, “What tool would you put in your Toolbox if you could only have a handful to tackle any job?” The answer is a wonderful way to support yourself whether you are just starting out on your growth path, or if you’ve been at it awhile, but need to simplify your approach.

The old way of trying to perfect things and then leave them alone doesn’t work in our speeded-up world! Discover the 6 most important tools to keep you moving at the speed of your world. This CD gives a step-by-step examination of how these tools build upon each other. This can then become the foundation for a complete system of approaching your life with the intention to Grow!

If you’ve been thinking “There has got to be a better way,” but you don’t know where to start, this in-depth discussion with real life examples will help you grasp a better way and begin to

  • use your emotions to find your need,
  • put your heart in charge, instead of your mind,
  • see two people’s picture of things covered in a larger perfect picture,
  • use symbols to communicate with the Unconscious,
  • manifest and live the changes in your life, and
  • reach out to the support of Community.

This CD is a wonderful companion piece to any of Jackie’s other works, or an excellent entry level introduction to her teachings. Everything you need to get started on your Growth Path!

***** A Toolbox for Personal Growth

“I had been a growth student for a long time when I first listened to A Toolbox for Personal Growth, but it was incredibly helpful. It covers 6 basic tools that anyone on a growth path needs. Upon listening to it, I was surprised at how, even after years of making my life about growth, I can still make the process difficult. Listening to this CD gave me the feeling of what it would be like to turn on a light after you’ve been crawling on the floor trying to find something in the dark. It reminded me of how simple growth and life can be — if only we let it. A Toolbox for Personal Growth has helped me let the tension out of my shoulders and see life as a wondrous journey of discovery.” -Cathy M.