North Dakota (ND)

Massage Therapy CE Requirements

Our Massage Therapy CE Courses Approved for North Dakota

North Dakota (ND) requires  24 CE hours every 2 years.

SPECIAL NOTICE!  The ND Board of Massage Therapy has made the following change to the continuing education requirements in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Odd-numbered licenses whose license expiration date is 2/28/2023, the hands-on hours requirement remains in place.  There is a limit of 10 hours which may be earned on-line.  The NDBMT will continue to monitor the pandemic and any decision to waive the hands-on hours requirement will be considered at a later date.
  • Even-numbered licenses whose license expiration date is 2/28/2022, the hands-on hours requirement has been waived for this upcoming renewal of license only.  All other continuing education laws remain in place.  Therefore, for this upcoming renewal, you may complete all of your CE hours on-line! 

Therefore, you may take ALL or up to 10 hours of continuing education online here at Adawehi Institute including Ethics, depending upon your license expiration date.

For Additional Information

If you have questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements or licensure, we suggest contacting the North Dakota Board of Massage directly. The telephone number for the North Dakota Board is 701-712-8624 or visit their website

Disclaimer: Please note that we provide this information as a courtesy, but do not guarantee its accuracy because laws are continually subject to change. Your State Board will hold you ultimately responsible for knowing the laws that apply to you. Please contact your State Board with any questions about your license. 

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