CEU-Balance Balance (6 CE hours)

Take the ‘Balance’ Course and Experience Your Massage Clients in a New Light!


6 CE hours (home-study)


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What does balance feel like in a professional relationship?NCBTMB-Approved-Provider-180x180 Balance (6 CE hours)
Gain priceless insights on what truly makes healthy and balanced relationships work between Healing Practitioners and their clients. Stop losing valuable clients to misunderstandings (or gaining clients who take advantage of you). Build a thriving practice that gives clients the exact support they need – this workshop provides the practical approach necessary.

Honor and acceptance are the heart of a professional relationship…and yet they are often so hard to create.
Explore how to find honor and acceptance in yourself and in return see in a different light what is brought to share by the people you encounter. Make your clients want to come back without overextending yourself or becoming enmeshed in their problems. Not just another modality, but a way to get the most out of the modalities you use now.

We often work relationships from the lopsided approach of what we want to happen, thus missing reality.
Seize this opportunity to go beyond your preconceptions and learn what is real in your relationships that can meet both parties’ needs. Learn how to eliminate those frustrating unproductive patterns that no longer work in your relationships with clients and co-workers (or anyone else). Find how to gain true balance by experiencing an increased, natural flow in both giving and receiving.

How it Works

Course Format

CD recording in a discussion or lecture format

How It Works

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Course Syllabus

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the causes of unbalanced love.
  2. List ways of loving oneself.
  3. Contrast ethics as the inner guide of honor and ethics as a list of rules.
  4. Distinguish between intelligence and wisdom.
  5. Explain how to access higher wisdom.
  6. Define real power.
  7. Describe how love, power, and wisdom work when they are in synergy.
  8. Define boundary, transference, counter- transference, imbalance of power, and multi-dimensional relationships
  9. Identify the inner motivations that drive boundary crossing and breaking.
  10. Review the NCBTMB Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Learning Activities
This course is a CD recording in a discussion or lecture format. The participant will listen to the recording and complete a course evaluation and an examination to demonstrate comprehension. The test and evaluation are submitted online when the student logs in to the Course from this website.

Technical Requirements
A computer with an Internet connection is required for this course.

Educational development and delivery policies are available upon request. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Instructor Qualifications
Jackie Woods is an expert in the field of personal development – with more than 25 years teaching experience. Jackie’s teachings transcend traditional forms of self-help, which often focus on “fixing” symptoms and “coping” with dysfunction. Instead, Jackie focuses on Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living – identifying and facilitating true healing and accelerated personal growth.

Author of several books and numerous recorded seminars, Jackie has written commentaries that have been published in several magazines. She is a regular guest expert on syndicated radio and has made select appearances on network and cable television. Jackie is the founder and director of Adawehi Institute.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Approval Status
Adawehi Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (Approval number 396607-00).

Some states approve any course (including online and distance learning courses) offered by NCBTMB approved providers such as AL, CN, DC, NH, NM, ND, SC, TN, and WV.  Please call your state regulatory board for further questions pertaining to content or number of distance learning/home study hours allowed.

Certificate of Achievement
The course participant must read the online text, complete a course exam with a minimum passing score of 80%, and submit a completed course evaluation. Upon satisfactory fulfillment of the course requirements, a certificate of achievement is awarded for successful completion of the course. Certificates are available online at no charge or via postal service for an additional $10 processing fee.

The final test and evaluation must be completed and the Certificate printed within 120 days from the date of purchase.

You may request a 30-day extension in the event of a documented emergency. Documentation must be submitted to the customer service manager before a certificate will be issued. The deadline to receive documentation is 120 days from the date of purchase. Contact the customer service manager at customerservice@jackiewoods.org

Books and Audio Recordings
Books and audio recordings by Jackie Woods are available at the Adawehi online bookstore. Sale of all books and recorded materials benefit the Adawehi Healing Center and Adawehi Institute.

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