Balance Massage CE Course

Take the ‘Balance’ Course and Experience Your Massage Clients in a New Light!


6 CE hours (home-study)

What does balance feel like in a professional relationship?NCBTMB Approved Provider
Gain priceless insights on what truly makes healthy and balanced relationships work between Healing Practitioners and their clients. Stop losing valuable clients to misunderstandings (or gaining clients who take advantage of you). Build a thriving practice that gives clients the exact support they need – this workshop provides the practical approach necessary.

Honor and acceptance are the heart of a professional relationship…and yet they are often so hard to create.
Explore how to find honor and acceptance in yourself and in return see in a different light what is brought to share by the people you encounter. Make your clients want to come back without overextending yourself or becoming enmeshed in their problems. Not just another modality, but a way to get the most out of the modalities you use now.

We often work relationships from the lopsided approach of what we want to happen, thus missing reality.
Seize this opportunity to go beyond your preconceptions and learn what is real in your relationships that can meet both parties’ needs. Learn how to eliminate those frustrating unproductive patterns that no longer work in your relationships with clients and co-workers (or anyone else). Find how to gain true balance by experiencing an increased, natural flow in both giving and receiving.

Course Format

CD recording in a discussion or lecture format

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