CEU-4waycommunication 4 Way Mental Communication (6 CE hours)

Take the ‘4 Way Mental Communication’ Course and Truly Get To Know Your Massage Clients!

4 Way Mental Communication

6 CE hours (home-study)


NCBTMB-Approved-Provider-180x180 4 Way Mental Communication (6 CE hours)The basis of all therapy, regardless of style or therapeutic discipline, is Communication. However, most traditional communication techniques don’t take into account that we have 4 bodies – Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical – and thus 4 different “languages.”

No more wondering, “Is she saying what I think she is saying?” After taking this Four-Way Mental Communication massage therapy CE course, you will be able to discern whether this person thinks about the world in terms of the physical (actions), emotional (feelings), mental (ideas) or spiritual (beliefs).

What if you could go beyond just talking to others and make a heart-to-heart connection each time? You can! Using this system, you will go beyond just exchanging information and begin to experience a real connection with others that tears down the walls of separation with each interaction. Each session will become an interaction that builds Trust and breaks down barriers.

Yield amazing results in a simple and easy to implement series of techniques.  Use it in massage sessions or in daily life and teach it to your clients – they will thank you for it! The exercises and live recorded discussions make this an excellent introduction to the subject.

How it Works

Course Format

CD recording in a discussion or lecture format

How It Works

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Course Syllabus


  1. Obtain accurate information for the client’s history and their reason for requesting your professional services.
  2. Listen beyond the words to hear what the client is really saying, and identify the areas where more questioning might be necessary.
  3. Listen to clients’ descriptions of their problems, meet them where they are, and avoid imposing your personal will on them.
  4. Acknowledge, and appropriately respond to the client in a manner that is truly relevant to the client’s communication style.
  5. Dialogue effectively with another person’s way of communication that is different from your own way of communication.
  6. Speak in a way that the client can absorb what the practitioner has to offer.
  7. Communicate authentically to resolve conflicts with the client and coworkers.
  8. Identify their own preferred way of communication, along with an understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Recognize and identify other communication styles in your clients.
  10. Broaden their perspective and increase effectiveness in communicating with clients, coworkers, and the general public.
  11. Expand their communication to a new level resulting in the achievement of their public education and practice growth goals, as well as increasing client retention.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the four styles of communication
  2. Describe general characteristics of each style
  3. Identify your own communication style
  4. Recognize clues for identifying communication styles in spoken and written form
  5. Learn to write in a way that facilitates communication in all styles
  6. Listen to the real subject behind the spoken words

Learning Activities
This course is a CD recording in a discussion or lecture format. The participant will listen to the recording and complete a course evaluation and an examination to demonstrate comprehension. The test and evaluation are submitted online when the student logs in to the Course from this website.

Technical Requirements
A computer with an Internet connection is required for this course.

Educational development and delivery policies are available upon request. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Instructor Qualifications
Jackie Woods is an expert in the field of personal development – with more than 25 years teaching experience. Jackie’s teachings transcend traditional forms of self-help, which often focus on “fixing” symptoms and “coping” with dysfunction. Instead, Jackie focuses on Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living – identifying and facilitating true healing and accelerated personal growth.

Author of several books and numerous recorded seminars, Jackie has written commentaries that have been published in several magazines. She is a regular guest expert on syndicated radio and has made select appearances on network and cable television. Jackie is the founder and director of Adawehi Institute.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Approval Status
Adawehi Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (Approval number 396607-00).

Some states approve any course (including online and distance learning courses) offered by NCBTMB approved providers such as AL, CN, DC, NH, NM, ND, SC, TN, and WV.  Please call your state regulatory board for further questions pertaining to content or number of distance learning/home study hours allowed.

Certificate of Achievement
The course participant must read the online text, complete a course exam with a minimum passing score of 80%, and submit a completed course evaluation. Upon satisfactory fulfillment of the course requirements, a certificate of achievement is awarded for successful completion of the course. Certificates are available online at no charge or via postal service for an additional $10 processing fee.

The final test and evaluation must be completed and the Certificate printed within 120 days from the date of purchase.

You may request a 30-day extension in the event of a documented emergency. Documentation must be submitted to the customer service manager before a certificate will be issued. The deadline to receive documentation is 120 days from the date of purchase. Contact the customer service manager at customerservice@jackiewoods.org

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Books and audio recordings by Jackie Woods are available at the Adawehi online bookstore. Sale of all books and recorded materials benefit the Adawehi Healing Center and Adawehi Institute.

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